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Property Maintenance during this Hot Summer

Summer is the ideal season to inspect your properties or multi-family buildings for issues and make repairs. Today we’ll talk about the most typical summertime property care problems and offer you advice on how to handle them.

Roof and gutter inspection and cleaning

Summer is great to take care of a damaged roof and clogged gutters. As part of preparing your properties for the winter, you should check the roof’s structure, and check for any damaged or missing tiles or other issues that need to be repaired. Avoid having a broken roof as the rainy season approaches since repairs will be more difficult to perform.

Since your roof will be the part of your structure that will be most affected by the sun. Your roof will have to resist extraordinarily high temperatures throughout the summer because it is the first thing the sun strikes.

No matter what color your roof is, it will absorb heat, and to withstand high temperatures, the materials need to be in top condition. An expert roof inspection is the first step in the entire process.

You’ll want to make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and other debris as well so that the rain may fall freely without doing any costly damage.

Be aware that leaves and other debris quickly accumulate in gutters, particularly in the winter. Debris can cause significant obstructions if it is not regularly removed, which raises the risk of flooding and water damage. The summer sun will dry out and solidify any clumps of material that have begun to collect in your gutters, making them more challenging to remove.

Ducts and vents

It’s crucial to frequently clean the ducts and vents from your properties’ installed ventilation systems. Inefficient operation of these systems due to dust accumulation might increase energy bills and increase the risk of contracting an airborne illness.

Winter undoubtedly stirred up several bacteria and viruses that are likely to be hiding in ductwork and vents.

Your ducts and vents should be cleaned as early in the season as possible because the dryness of the summer causes excessive levels of dust.

Pests control

No matter how clean your properties are, pests can still be a problem. Pests are more active during the summer, which could be really problematic. You should inspect and keep an eye out for pest activity on your property because wasps and bees often build their nests in high areas or underneath the roof. Additionally, ants are frequent uninvited guests in the summer, so thoroughly inspect your property and seal up any openings in the windows, walls, and doors.

Fire safety

You must ensure that your property is fire-safe during the summer because of the high temperatures. Trim the shrubs, take out the dead plants, and get rid of anything combustible to ensure the safety of your properties. Additionally, schedule sprinklers to water your lawn to keep the grass green and not dried out.

Summertime barbecues are a tradition for all of us, but you must make sure your grill areas are adequately vented and located away at a safe distance to prevent any fire-related issues to your properties.


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