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Maintenance and care for your fences during the Summer

A fence can add significant value to a property, but it does need some care and attention. Whether your fence is made of wood, vinyl, or chain link, it must be maintained all year.

Which types of fences can withstand the hot summers in Austin?
Wrought iron fences are your best bet, as they provide numerous benefits that allow for both security and openness. Its sturdy construction also makes it extremely weather resistant, giving homeowners peace of mind as they face any weather element.

Wooden fences are not as strong as wrought iron fences, but they are a less expensive option for those looking for something less expensive. Rain and wind may struggle against a well-built fence, but fence repair is an option that allows any potential problems to be easily fixed.

Cleaning Your Fence During the Summer

If your fencing is dirty, no matter what type it is, you must clean it. Inspecting the fence is the best way to determine what needs to be fixed.

While most worn or dirty fences can be cleaned with a good scrub, there are other ways to deep clean your fence:

  • Cover your fence with cloth tarps or old bed sheets and place plastic drop cloths on both sides. This will aid in the absorption of any runoff water that would otherwise harm your grass and vegetation.
  • In a large bucket, combine one gallon of water and one quart of chlorine bleach. Fill a hand-held garden sprayer halfway with the solution.
  • Begin spraying the fence, beginning with one side. Begin spraying the solution from the top of the first slate and work your way down.
  • Continue until the fence is completely covered in the solution, then set aside for 5 minutes to dry.
  • After the solution has had a chance to penetrate the stains, rinse with water from a garden hose.

Keep Your Fence Safe from Summer Environmental Hazards

Fence cleaning can cause a number of environmental problems. Some may be more concerning than others. With grass and weeds constantly growing around your fence, you must keep them at bay.

Begin by using a weed eater to clear the grass and weeds that the lawn mower cannot reach. It works best by holding it in a position of about a 30-degree angle. Move it from one end of the fence to the other until all of the grass and weeds against the fence have been cut down.

While Austin summers are notorious for their humidity and high temperatures, these are ways we can keep the good shape of your fence all year long.

Choosing an Austin fence company like Infinite Capital Construction can make your property stand out in any weather. Contact us or give us a call so you can learn more what we can do for you.


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