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Improve Your Regular Maintenance Performance

As a property or community association manager, you juggle a lot when it comes to managing your business operations, from collecting rent to arranging maintenance. Property upkeep is critical for maintaining property values and keeping people safe and content, whether you manage large apartment buildings or single-family homes.

We’ll explain why it’s critical to keep up with property maintenance, offer some helpful hints, and demonstrate how you can streamline your procedures to give a superior client experience.

You already know how essential maintenance is, but keeping up with it may be difficult, so having a property maintenance plan in place is essential. Upkeep can be easily ignored if you don’t have a strategy, and the consequences can be costly and even dangerous.

Having a maintenance plan can help reduce the danger of injuries from falling building materials or fires caused by improperly wired lights. No property management wants to be sued for negligence, have their insurance costs soar, or receive bad news and unfavorable reviews. It’s critical to stay up with maintenance and take preventative actions to avoid significant problems.

A solid maintenance system can be a competitive differentiator when it comes to attracting and keeping residents, in addition to decreasing the danger of property damage for yourself, your staff, vendors, and residents. According to a survey done by AppFolio, the most common reason for renters’ dissatisfaction with their property management business was concerns with the response and resolution time for maintenance requests. If they were displeased with their property management business, 52.7 percent of tenants stated they would move out or not rent in the first place because of their dissatisfaction with the property management company.

Here are a few additional reasons why it’s critical to have a property maintenance strategy in place:

Property Value Improve: A well-maintained property will retain or increase in value. The property’s market worth and rental rates would suffer as a result of the absence of maintenance.
Residents who are satisfied: Poor building, property, and appliance care will result in disgruntled residents, which can lead to negative reviews, greater turnover, and more vacancies.
Reduced Costs: A good property management system can save you money by reducing hazards, increasing the life of appliances and equipment, and allowing your staff to focus on providing better service.

Work Less: You already have a lot on your plate. If you have a building maintenance system in place, you can save time communicating with residents and owners, managing work orders, manually entering data into other systems, making payments, and handling emergencies.

Every property manager’s job entails some level of maintenance. You can reduce danger, cut costs, keep your tenants happy, and raise the value of your properties by prioritizing regular, routine maintenance. Mobile maintenance solutions included in a property management software system, such as online maintenance requests and work orders, which can be extra helpful when handling emergency maintenance, to resolve issues quickly and keep your properties in peak shape.


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